Taking a Breath

As you know life on the transplant journey has been a bit intense lately. So I am making a conscious effort to have some fun these days. I am doing so for several reasons first and foremost I feel the best I have in years. I realized that it has been almost 4 years since this long grueling episode began. Secondly I never know how I am going to feel tomorrow, life is in a delicate balance that can be upset any minute. Life has been serious and I have been contemplating life’s questions so a break with some time to have fun and smile is always a good thing. I hope you can join me in taking a moment to appreciate and find joy in as many things in a day as possible.

Here is a little bit of what I have been up to:

Quick trip to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

A good way to move on from a dry run is a visit to the Hall. It was a cold dreary day but we went out anyway. The weather must have deterred  many people because we almost had the museum to ourselves. We love the free admission for government employees and their families. The best part in my humble opinion was the pinball machines.

The second trip was with Valerie who spent a weekend in The Land. Finally got to see parts of the museum I hadn’t gotten to on previous visits. We also explored downtown.

Hitting the gym

Making a effort to be the healthiest I can be. Although I am not able to workout with the intensity of the past, embracing weeny weights and slow cardio.

Making A Snowman

One of my friends and former residence here at Transplant House is an Arizona women. So when the snow finally fell we had to have some winter fun. We helped her cross off a bucket list item, not once but twice.

The first day of attempting to build a snowman it was really cold and the snow too fluffy to stick. So the snow was piles and sculpted to create a snowintensity turtle.

The second day with some help of warm hands and a squirt bottle we were able to make a lovely snow woman.

Chinese New Year

Just this past week was the New Year bringing in the year of the boar AKA pig. We went out for a new years feast. Apparently I was too busy eating to take many pictures but there are a couple. I am impressed with Asiatown’s Chinese cuisine.


My mom was kind enough to get us tickets to see Cher. Dad and I enjoyed singing along to the icons greatest hits with a packed arena. I can check off another bucket list item. Thanks Ma! We had a wonderful evening.


As I write this I am cuddling on the couch with Longou in Chicago. I have been looking forward to this most of all. A time to reconnect with the city, my small family and all of my wonderful friends stay tuned for more on my trip to Chicago…..

Onward and Upward!!

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